Data upload

By uploading data, the user acknowledges that this data cannot be changed or deleted. Any internet user who knows the unique hash assigned to this data can view and download it. The data is visible worldwide and linked to the uploader within the BitTube database.

Only data that is owned by the user may be uploaded into the IPFS network. The user has to respect copyright laws as well as personal rights and will be held legally responsible upon breach of these laws and/or rights.

BitTube reserves the right to delete links to data uploaded to the IPFS network if the files do not comply with these rules.

Data management

BitTube is not a data center and has no administrative access to the data. BitTube provides access to the public and free IPFS network. Through this access, data can be uploaded without BitTube being able to access or censor it.

Data safety

All data uploaded to the IPFS network can be viewed by any user who knows the hash of the file. Therefore, all files are always public. When uploading via BitTube, you can decide whether the hash value should be public (anyone can find it via the search engine), should be accessed only by a specific user group (only the users belonging to this group can see the link) or not shared at all (the entry remains private).

If by any chance the hash value of a private or limited file is shared outside of the desired audience, this file is viewable by these people as well. Should files need to be secured, the user must add a password before finishing the upload. With passwords, the data can only be viewed if both the password and the hash value are known. Passwords should be kept safe as it’s impossible to change them.

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