Weekly update 14th September

Sep 14, 2018 | General

Weekly update 14th September

Another week, another update!

Last week we launched a new player, built from scratch with basic functionality. Today we’ve deployed the fancy stuff that everyone expects. We have polished some features and added new ones. From this week the websites using BitTube’s embedded videos will get the new player as well.

– Better playback and usability on mobile devices
– New embedded player
– Fixed views count
– Fixed issues on Autoplay and playlists
– Notification for error during transcode
– Fix issues like “upload stuck at 100%”
– YouTube Connector bug fixes

Some of the added features are: timeline seeking with a thumbnail preview, cinema mode option and a speed rate switch. We had requests from the community to add these. Improvements were made on the video quality selector and from now on you can see when you have liked a video as the thumbs up symbol will be marked in grey. The player will remember the speaker volume while you change tabs and videos. Mobile users can enjoy improved playback .

Fixes to the IPFS code are ongoing to reduce CPU utilization and memory usage. The new player, which doesn’t use video.js anymore, already fixes an old problem that caused inactive Chrome tabs to freeze. Additionally, we fixed a problem where the next item in a playlist would not play correctly.

Now that the player is taken care of, we look forward to shaping more BitTube awesomeness. Stay tuned!

Your BitTube Team.

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