How do I set up my own broadcast?


You can stream your content in BitTube platform by using a third party software application. The content is associated with a BitTube wallet address identifying the copyright holder. We have made some suggestions in the Streaming Software section on the live stream page, just pick one of them and get started!


Go to

To set up your live streaming, click on the “Generate new key” button.

You will get your streaming URL and your streaming key.

Or choose one of your existing keys and click on “Edit”

To set up the thumbnail for your video click on the upload button, choose a media file and click “upload”.

Fill out the Stream title field to name your broadcast. Use the text editor to write a description.

This is all you have to do to set up your streaming, just click SAVE.

Start live streaming with streaming software OBS.

Open OBS and navigate to “settings.” Copy the streaming URL and the streaming key from BitTube and paste them in the corresponding fields.

The stream URL and streaming key you get from the BitTube settings, just click on the clip symbol to copy them.

Set up your OBS stream with scenes, sources and all your preferred settings and start streaming.

This is all to start a stream with OBS on BitTube.

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