You may wonder what is the reason to upload your content to BitTube and not directly to IPFS, given that any content uploaded to BitTube ultimately gets hosted on IPFS.

While you certainly can upload your content directly to IPFS and still benefit of the decentralization offered by that network, there is an array of benefits you get by publishing your content on BitTube instead:

  • Your content gets exposed on BitTube, whereas IPFS alone does not help your content to be discovered in any way;
  • You can make money with your content on BitTube, while maintaining all the benefits of having your content on IPFS;
  • Less popular content wouldn’t be maintained using IPFS; whereas BitTube is configured to work with IPFS a little differently in order to achieve media persistence: even less popular content will be still available on IPFS when published to BitTube;
  • BitTube provides a handy embed feature that helps embedding videos on other websites.

Are you convinced? Sign up for a BitTube account today and start publishing.

If you don’t have an account, you will have to register an user account first.

  1. Select Upload Media.
  2. Click on Upload Now.
  3. Select maximum 3 files at once.

    *Min. quality 360P / Max. duration 3 hours / Max. size 5 GB.

  1. Fill the required fields: title, category, privacy and language.
  2. Click on Take Snapshot (pause the player on the desired frame) or click on Select Thumbnail to upload an image.
  3. Uncheck the Age verification box if your video is suitable for persons under 18.
  4. Fill the optional fields to optimize your search apperance. Description and tags (press Enter or return on Mac between each tag).
  5. Click on Upload.
  6. Video coding process. Be patient.
  7. Check the notifications (bell at the right top corner) to see when is published.

Age verification

To ensure the platform is safe for everyone on the upload page the Age verification box is checked by default.

Tutorial video done by BitTube community.
Thanks Nic_Cafe.

You can connect directly to your YouTube account and migrate your channel content to BitTube.

  1. Log in to BitTube and select Upload Media.
  2. Click on Connect now.
    1. Click on Authorize.

    2. Click on the account that you want to connect. If you have more Google accounts at your device follow steps from 3 to 6, if not go to step 7.

    3. Youtube Auth needs to be removed. Click on Ok.

    4. Click on BitTube Integration with YouTube.

    5. Click on Disable access and Accept.

    6. Go again to Connect to youtube at BitTube and click Authorize.

    7. Click at the account that you want to connect.

    8. Click Allow to give permission to BitTube to view your videos and playlists.

    9. A list of your YouTube videos will appear.

    10. Select the videos you wish to upload.

    11. Optional. Change the title and description. Write tags to optimize your search apearance, press enter (return on Mac) between each tag.

    12. Click on Start import.
    13. Check the progress bar, when is finished it shows Done.

Once imported to BitTube your videos will not be shown on your YouTube videos list.

To import more YouTube accounts click on Unauthorize then click on Yes, proceed! and follow the steps from 3 to 13.

In order to upload content to the IPFS network and the BitTube search engine, you must have a valid account and be logged in.

Minimum requirements are a username and a valid email address which is used to verify the account; then you are required to enter a name and a surname, but those don’t have to match your real identity. Email addresses are never shown to other users in the BitTube interface.

No IP numbers or other data will be collected during upload, and BitTube can not discover locations of devices uploading, streaming, or viewing because the connections are only authorized via signaling servers via handshake, and the connection itself is never running on a BitTube Server.

If anonymity and privacy are strong requirements in your case, you should consider using Tor to access BitTube and use a temporary disposable email address for user registration.

Once uploaded, files cannot be deleted or edited: only some pieces of information such as the title, the description and the age protection can be changed.
You are able to remove the file from your account by clicking on Edit Video and choosing the Unpublish option.

When you unpublish a video, any link to it will disappear from the BitTube platform.

Unpublishing content does not delete it from IPFS

Unpublishing content will remove references to it from BitTube, but the IPFS network will keep a copy of the content, and it will remain available indefinitely to anyone who knows its hash (and its password, in case you choose to protect it with a password).

Please think twice before posting any sensitive content on BitTube, because the consequence of uploading content to IPFS can not be undone.

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