BitTube is open source and we maintain our code repository on Github.

You can check all the current coinbase parameters here.

Block reward depends on how many TUBE coins have been mined already: the gradual increase in circulating supply will gradually reduce the block reward. Emission decrease is smooth: there is no halving for TUBE.

Block reward will be reduced also when block size is bigger than a certain threshold. When this happens, you will see a reward penalty in the block information.

You can check the latest block reward in the TUBE Block Explorer.

Please see our Github repository if you want to know what the current configuration of any specific parameter is in our blockchain.

The BitTube Blockchain is public. You can explore it any time at

With the public BitTube explorer, you can check:

  • Current blockchain height
  • Total number of transaction
  • Latest block reward
  • Total circulating supply
  • Current emission
  • Mining difficulty
  • Network hash rate

You can also look up information for a specific transaction, payment, or block.

The Airtime explorer shows the distribution of the rewards to the users and other data.

Airtime explorer screenshot here

There are two data tables: one for the users as creators and one as viewers. You can select a specific period using the filter fields on the top. To do so enter the dates From-To and the hours, then click Filter. The result are ordered by the amount of TUBEs received for the selected period. By default results are shown for the past 24 hours.

Note: All payments happen 7 days after the coins were earned. This is a 7 days rolling window payout.


What you will earn today (Wednesday) will be paid to you in 7 days (next Wednesday). What you will earn tomorrow (Thursday), will be paid 7 days later (the following Thursday) and so on. The minimum amount to be paid is 1 TUBE.

The Airtime explorer shows the following data for a specific channel:

  • Channel
  • Wallet
  • Alltime Total Current Unpaid Balance
  • Alltime Total Current Paid Balance:

Time Filtered Stats:

  • Creator Earned Total
  • Viewers Earned Total
  • Total Videos
  • Total AirTime:

To check the transactions for a specific username, wallet, ipfs hash or Airtime ID enter the data in the search box at the top or click on the username in the first column in the table.

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