Can I edit or delete content in IPFS?

Please keep in mind that once you upload a file on BitTube, it will remain accessible via IPFS to anyone who knows its hash, even if you later decide to unpublish the video from BitTube. Unpublishing content will remove it only from BitTube, but the IPFS network will...

How can I access content on IPFS?

  Provided you have the content hash, you can use any IPFS gateway in order to access it. The hash is the string that is betwheen "hash=" and the character "&" in the URL of a video:

What is IPFS?

IPFS is the acronym for InterPlanetary File System, which is an open source, peer-to-peer protocol and network designed for distributed storage of content. IPFS uses blockchain technology to store data in a worldwide Peer2Peer network. With IPFS, data is not stored at...

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